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Hello there,

I was reading primers on ZBrushCentral for how to create DLLs for ZBrush, and how to get them to run. I know I use [FileExecute] to call the DLL and pass functions to it. But my question is:

How do I get my DLL to ‘communicate’ with ZBrush? Let’s say I want my DLL to execute ZScripts from its side of things. How would I go about doing this? An example is shown in the pseudocode below:

string cmd = "[ZScript CommandA]
                           [ZScript CommandB]";


I have a script that speeds up my pipeline quite a bit. But the problem I face is in its call to UVMaster. Since that is a separate script, my script will terminate the minute it’s called.

I want to find a workaround for the ‘one zscript at a time limitation’. I figure if I can get my script working, I can call THAT, then send it over to the DLL to call the 2nd command in another script, and then return execution back to ZB or something along those lines.

I also know python, so if that has to be a recommended route, I’ll use it. But I also know that not everybody has Python installed on their system. So yeah.

Can anybody help me out? Thank you kindly. :slight_smile:

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