ZScript Apply DispMap doesn't seem to work?

When I call:

[RoutineCall, apply_displacement, path, filename]

two times it works So that is a little crazy, but it finally works.

Thank you so much!!

I’m really puzzled by the fact that ZBrush doesn’t have automation or an SDK that is up to par with any other professional 3D application out there.

I’ve been reading the things you need to do to make the filesystem accessible to ZScript, it’s just nuts.

There are so many studios depending on ZBrush, why hasn’t Pixologic replaced ZScript with Python or C++, C, C# or just any standard language?

It’s so strange that you would need methods like ‘[IClick, 6207]’ to be able to ‘fix’ the script. That is defintely not in the manual!

If there was an application with a great SDK that could replace ZBrush I would pay double to replace it immediately.

It’s mind boggling really, to be a professional technical designer and having to work like this, it feels like the dark ages.

But now… back to 2020!

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