ZBrush loses it's brain. (Forgets import export preferences after a tpose)

This has happened twice this week. ZBrush forgets the flip settings in exporting subtools to obj when using subtool master.

  1. You tpose a character. Everything works perfectly.

  2. You use subtool master — export option to export all subtools.

  3. ZBrush loses it’s brain and exports everything flipped upside down the wrong way.

Something during the tpose process, somewhere is removing the ‘flip’ settings in the import export options, making all the subtools export the wrong way.

This is a nasty suprise on a late night working, as you then have to go back, reload your old file, and try to re-export everything, making sure ZBrush has remembered the DEFAULT export settings. The settings I as a user never adjust or touch.

Please fix Pixologic thx.

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