Zbrush Bridge forgets materials if Zbrush crashes


I also understand that Keyshot and Zbrush are two separate programs

But as the bridge to keyshot is the only way Keyshot for Zbrush works, then the bridge has to function on more than a one time basis. Otherwise, the rendering program becomes useless.

Every other modeling software has a way to store files in a way that stores their materials.

You can edit the geometry, close the program, reopen the program and then move stuff around, and re-render the scene.

The set up between Keyshot for Zbrush and Zbrush bridge does not allow you to do this.

When I called Pixologic to discuss this, they wanted me to post the question here, which is why this is where I posted it.

I also submitted a request to the Help center like you suggested @Spyndel, and I pointed them to this thread, so hopefully we can get some insight into why they designed the bridge to work like this.

Seems like an incomplete program that I bought for $150, at this point.
I would like to hear what is valuable about it if it only functions during one session of Zbrush.


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