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Did something change in ZAppLink? I’m trying to fix some seams on some skin for a character, this is an older way to doing things I know but it USED to work fine and now it doesn’t or there is a missing trick I don’t know about!

I load my character, subdivide and add in the texture that needs fixing. Invoke ZAppLink from the Document drop down and go to Photoshop 2021 and do my fixes. Hit save and back to ZBrush and drop the new paint info to my canvas. Then… nothing, it’s now a static painting rather than a model. I’ve tried this three times and it never returns fully to a model so I can continue to fix seams.

I’m not sure why there isn’t an easier set up for fixing seams. Really annoying. Just about every program out there I’ve tried (Mudbox, 3DCoat and even the older, very old Deep Paint 3D) all have their pluses and minues but fixing seams is a headache! So I’m back in ZBrush because I know I USED to be able to fix seams but now I’m stuck!


Thank you!

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