Workflow for scan cleanup whilst maintaining ALL detail of original model

Thank you @Spyndel

I have been watching Sculptris Pro tutorials & indeed it should be perfect for crevices in specific areas.

The thing is though, it would be very useful to you to be able to remesh the geometry on occasion, especially when the localized tessimated geometry starts getting too dense to work with. In those cases it would be useful to be able quickly resurface everything with Dynamesh.

Yes on the more messy scans I will absolutely need to use Dynamesh so having a method / process that let’s me use that is important.

So it really would be useful to figure out why you’re experiencing detail loss when projecting. If the mesh you’re projecting onto is high enough resolution, you really shouldnt see a noticeable loss in detail.
I suppose it is from two stages –

  1. the conversion from an 8k texture to polypaint
  2. the project of this polypaint to a new mesh

Some questions:

  1. is there a way to bake from the original 8k texture directly to the new model (bearing in mind the new model will have lost its UV if I have dynameshed) ? (or is the intermediate step always via polypaint)
  2. to capture all details from an 8k texture, is there a rule of thumb for the approximate triangle count needed?
  3. I have watched tutorials on projecting & I can’t figure our if to get the best results I need to do it in stages at different subdivisions, or just project to a very very high poly mesh?

Lastly, I should add that at some point I am going to Zremesh, UV & take into a game engine, but I feel like I have that part of the workflow down. The main thing is getting that cleaned up high poly mesh with it’s details as good as the original.

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