Why not a powerful plugin specializing in topology and uv

Why not a powerful plugin specializing in topology and uv

It has been more than ten years since we started learning the Zbrush program
During those past years, we were and still hope for one addition, which would be smart, fast and not manual in the industry of topology, and many versions of the Zbrush program were released, but unfortunately, it is in fact uninterested, unfair and unfulfilling for aspirations and hopes, using ZBrush over the past ten years.
The interest, invention, and development of ZBrush was added in other and various fields such as zremesher’s list
The list of zmodeler and dynamesh is either tablog or uv
Only the field of topology and uv were acquired by Pixologic developers

I posted a post on Facebook before, but unfortunately, my voice was never heard
Try three years ago, we suggested, but complained about this deep gap that the most powerful 3D sculpting program lacks, which is the Zbrush program, which is not topology and uv most important, but is the basis for every program specializing in the 3D industry only.

In terms of fatigue, great and exaggerated effort, and it requires you working hours
More than the sculpture itself
And topology is the most important thing in a designer’s life
It is
With proper topology, you are able to create engraving and straighten your Juventus
And the development of sound and strong materials and if the topology is not sound, your work, your sculpting, the materials and the materiel will not be correct
Unfortunately, without exaggeration, topology in Zbrush promises
More suicide, because technologies and intelligence are not there. You just have to work manually
But let’s throw it against other programs like Topogun 3
Which was downloaded and I am not here to market specific companies or programs
But Topogun 3 was revolutionizing the world of topology, becoming an industry
topology with Topogun 3 is easier than drinking water
And also maya, which we have been criticizing over the past years because it is a big, old and heavy program on the device
Some developers put plugins in the Mayan add-on program
Fabulous as the ziRail Maya plugin
It never deserves to study topology, I never say it and I am sure this is well done

All these addition commands are automated and super AI

And many companies that have developed this field and this software and add-ons are now a revolution
In the world of manufacturing and recycling topology

Finally my sisters at Pixologic Company
Here I came to place points on the letters and hope that my words are not taken as such
Sharp criticism of the great company Pixologic, but we want you to correct your path and fix this big gap

Because in the end we are waiting for the creativity of pixologic and not that it cannot provide these additions
These are the smart and basic tools for the modding industry in its program


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