Warframe Concept Art

Hi all! I wanted to share some concept art that I make for Warframe. Zbrush is one of my main tools for organic and hardsurface. I use Polypaint and Zapplink almost daily to draw my designs onto the model. This makes the concept process really fast as I don’t have to actually model as much. I even paint highlights to fake edges. I’ve recently started taking my designs into Blender to animate in realtime with Eevee. It’s been a huge time saver.

This is the model with the toon material from Keyshot to illustrate different ideas.

Modeled in Zbrush, overlayed onto a screenshot for the painting, imported into Blender and it’s easy to just switch the base color to Vertext color to bring in the polypaint. I can animated in realtime and this isn’t even a rendered video. I just screen captured it with OBS.

This task was interesting, I received this design from a coworker and needed to finish the detail pass. Again, I rely on Polypaint and Zapplink to Photoshop to draw out my design and then project back on the model. The 3D artist use the vertex color as a guide when making the game-ready mesh. So it’s win-win.

I rough out my creature designs, the character artist fixed a lot of my bad anatomy for the final design. My sculpts are more like proof of concept to take it a step further from the drawing. I wanted to explain his multiple ears and how thick his neck was.

Same process here. Design in 2D in photoshop then project on to a model to start blocking in.

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