UV Master not working

thanks Shelluser,
“one of the cool kids” I sometimes forget that the internet is a humourless void, forgive my attempt at sarcasm.

to clarify I was not able to recreate lower subdivisions. The Adaptive Size I mention is a setting in zRemesher to maintain detail when the target poly count is lower than the original.

What ‘other settings’ are you referring too?

thanks Spyndel,
can’t recreate subdivisions – that was how I was trying to recreate a low poly mesh from the sculpt. The sculpt isn’t that high 180k but preferably would like a subdivision or two less for the base mesh and UV creation.

The model was started from a couple of primitives, merged with unified skin and zRemeshed heaps of times. I ran UV master a couple of times during the process and it worked fine, sadly just not any more.

The mesh is consistent quads and looks pretty good really, I can’t see any reason why these features shouldn’t work.

I have never heard of project undo – that looks exactly like what I was trying to do without knowing how to do it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: – thank you for the suggestion.


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