Tom Cruise Likeness

Cruise Likeness

Check the full project on my artstation page.

I had a lot of fun and also learned a lot trying to match his likeness as much as i could. I want to thank everybody who helped me on this project, you guys rock and threw me some light when i needed.

He has also a bearded version that is part of the second stage of this project where i’ll study some characterization and see how mr. Cruise would fit in a fictional character. So a small spoiler of what’s coming (kidding, you can check it at the blog section on my artstation, haha).

Besides the likeness i also learned a lot about Xgen and how to control it better, allowing me to match the likeness of the hair as well, and I KNOW i always render stuff on Vray, but i admit Arnold was easier to set up the shaders and i had zero struggle to achieve this result.

You can also check the project making off and the stages of the production at the blog section on artstation with lots of wips and other cool stuff !

Thanks guys i hope you all like it !

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