The Shark Hunter – 3D Model

Hey all!
I started this project back in Februray together with the great artist and mentor Julen Urrutia.
It all began by picking an interesting conpcet to then develop as a production-ready character and GopGap’s Shark hunter” was a perfect fit.
I tried to keep the drawing’s proportions and feel as much as possible while modelling and shading the character. Julen’s feedback was really helpful and always on point. I really enjoyed having to constantly think about proportions and appeal but at the same time diving into realisitc material shading.
The final phases of the project were focussed on recreating movie-like shots, as if the Sharkhunter belonged into an acutal cinematic. I had way to many ideas and stories to tell about this guy so It was really hard to both pick interesting shots as well as something that would comunicate a bit more about his background.
My main inspiration came from Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbeans as he is one of my favourites villains. Some shots in the movies really manage to bring out his complete character in an incredible way so I tried to do something similiar.
I hope you’ll like my humble take on this amazing concept!


Julen Urrutia:

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