Spotlight/Snapshot3D behaving VERY strangely on a Mac…not working at all

Hey guys…I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t use Spotlight/Snapshot3D all the time, but I do know how to use it, and used it in ZB2020 just last week.

It is behaving VERY strangely, and is completely unusable. I looked to see if there was a preference out of whack, and used a restore function, but nothing changed.

When I import the image into the Alphas, then add it to Spotlight, that works fine. But when I try to click the orange circle in the middle, the dial jumps far away from the image. If I try to click and drag on any of the items on the dial, it jumps far away. I tried adding a new Subtool, I tried dividing the geometry, I tried adding my alpha to an existing set in LightBox. Nothing works.

I’m on a MacBook Pro running Catalina (10.15.5). I’m also having difficulty upgrading to 2021.1.1 and getting an error. Since it’s the weekend, I’m sure it will be fixed this week. But I really need Spotlight/Snapshot3D to work.


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