Sneak Peek: ZBrush 2021


For what i saw it is in 3D coat and is there since quite some time. About the echo, all people who create and brings new ideas make echoes over other people, that’s why we have civilizations and art, artists inspiring each other. The echoes go around all the time. The echo for this particular tool started (at the least) with 3D coat, someone like pablo had the idea there as someone at zbrush did it too looking at the other software. It’s exactly this “echo” what “inspiration” is or…just “copy”. Some people even call it stealing (Pablo did it, i mean Picasso). I personally see it as part of creativity, i don’t feel like i lost something when other people take my ideas, in fact i feel really good.

Let’s stay positive and help each other. Competition is good if it is helping each other the final goal, improving, not just to see “who’s the best”.


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