Requiem Aeternam- inspired in BLASPHEMOUS

This artwork was Inspired by the blasphemous video game.
This play and scene is inspired by different real statues. Here I wanted to tell a story that would materialize my spiritual knowledge about Catholic “Christianity” taking into account the blasphemous game, which served me to put into practice the knowledge and ideas mentioned above.
We see a man dying and crucified, dying because moments before he was going to be burned at the stake, in the middle of a muddy place because the rain saved him from being consumed by the inquisitorial trials of the time. Then we see the penitent who realized when he was crucified he knocked down the cross to calm that agony by piercing his heart, we see elements like torches, yokes and shackles as a representation of the submission of the high inquisitorial commands. We also see the crucifixion as a Roman Christian element. On the left side we see the chief spirit of darkness looking up to heaven and pointing to the penitent for his crime, representing what the Christian Bible calls “the accuser. In the same way, we see the incarnation of pederasty coming out of a confused portal represented by 2 evil spirits and 2 angels in the form of children, who are blindfolded and represent the corruption of darkness over these children, a theme that since ancient times the Inquisitorial Church has given birth to. The pregnant virgin with little penitents represents the Catholic Church and its faithful who are taken to death (death represented by the skulls) since the only thing they teach is dogmas and demonic paganism because from the Judeo-Christian Bible they do not teach the truth. On the right we see angels with closed eyes that represent the indignation and omission of human corruption, there is one who has tears on his face and tries desperately to prevent the penitent from consummating the act and another with open eyes called the observer. In the background, we see a strong arm trying to pull an angel into the portal to prevent him from seeing the atrocious scene. They are also carrying musical instruments that represent the title of the work called REQUIEM AETERNAM, TITLE THAT CLOSES MY TASTE FOR MUSIC, ART AND THE GREAT GAME CALLED “BLASPHEMOUS”.

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