Red Velvet Mite


Just a quick sculpt & render. My goals with this were to:

  1. Finish something simple quickly and not get caught up in perfectionistic fiddling. (Sculpt took a couple of hours anyway and I feel like even that is too long considering how simple the body is. The rest of the render took longer.)

  2. Try a few things in C4D — like hair. (I obviously don’t know how to groom — it looks like it’s made of pipe cleaners! Maybe I’ll learn on the next project :laughing:)

I’ve moved on, but relevant tips & tricks appreciated!




We have quarantine to thank for this. I’d been going up to our building’s roof for occasional sun and the only life up there (aside from a few misguided sprigs of grass) are these beautiful red mites. I got curious about them and learned that:

  1. The ones on our roof are most likely a #Bryobia sp. They’re herbivores and relatively harmless (plants disagree :herb::frowning:)
  2. My model is mostly based on the giant, extra-fluffy sort found in India: #Trombidium grandissimum. They’re predators that feed on other invertebrates.
  3. They have extremely… interesting courting rituals. You can look that up on your own. Hint: The Oatmeal.


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