Problem with edged Normal Maps in Render



a very basic problem:
I have a Lowpoly head and a highpoly. When I create with MultiMapExporter a NormalMap (tangent space, adaptive, from SD1, 4k size) and use it on my lowpoly basemesh in 3dsMax, then it never looks clean smooth. I can see all the edges.
I tried already different settings, how to set the normals of teh basemesh in 3dsMax between 0° and 45°. (And also it is of course linear (gamma 1.0) and used in VrayNormalMap node.)

Attached a Render screenshot with two different settings of normals, both do obviously not work.

I Imagine, that the lowest Subdivison level in zBrush should have more smoothed normals before creating this map.
Other applications can display a lowpoly very smooth and I image a normal map just to add details on top of that.

Attached at first a picture of my render in 3dsMax after applying that normal map.
And below a screenshot of the lowpoly in zBrush, which is in high Subdivison level (SD4) of course completely smooth!

  • Furthermore I wonder, if I could export NormalMaps with 16bit?


Normal Map render 3dsMax
ZBrush. lowest level MME normal map ZBR


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