Maddie Spencer ZBrush Beta Test images and tutorials


Hi Everyone!

Thrilled to be part of the beta again this year, thanks Pixologic! Thanks also to all the amazing and inspiring artists who were in the group. Here are some of the test images and tutorials I put together along the way. I hope you enjoy them. I will post more at

First off I used the cloth dynamics in an unusual way to make slime. Check the tutorial below for this process
slimeBeast copy

I really enjoyed using cloth for the pillow and veil on this image. I used micrPoly for the drop pearls on the veil. The little gold flowers were made with cloth dynamics as well.


slimeProcessUpdated_0001_02 slimeProcessUpdated_0002_03 slimeProcessUpdated_0003_04 slimeProcessUpdated_0004_05
slimeProcessUpdated_0005_06 slimeProcessUpdated_0006_07 slimeProcessUpdated_0007_08 slimeProcessUpdated_0008_09 slimeProcessUpdated_0009_10 slimeProcessUpdated_0010_11 slimeProcessUpdated_0011_12 slimeProcessUpdated_0012_13 slimeProcessUpdated_0013_14 slimeProcessUpdated_0014_15 slimeProcessUpdated_0015_16 slimeProcessUpdated_0016_17

flowerDynammicsFLAT_0000_01 flowerDynammicsFLAT_0001_02 flowerDynammicsFLAT_0002_03 flowerDynammicsFLAT_0003_04 flowerDynammicsFLAT_0004_05 flowerDynammicsFLAT_0005_06 flowerDynammicsFLAT_0005_07


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