I made some fun rock brushes – mdk Rock Brushes V1

Hi Z Friends, I made some brushes for rock sculpting. There are some great stamps take from height maps and a really cool crack brush. Please take a look!

mdk Rock Brushes V1

Zbrush Rocks and Stone Brushes to be used for detailing and forming rock shapes.

For use with ZBrush 4R8 P2 +

14 Brushes derived from photo height maps and hand sculpting.

Brushes are numbered to use them sequentially for a super easy workflow.

You can view a quick explanation here: https://www.artstation.com/artmdk/blog/VgVK/mdk-rock-brushes-v1

Download Other Alphas/Products – https://www.artstation.com/artmdk/store

Music by: https://soundcloud.com/durianfacemask

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