I would like to share my latest personal project.

Huntress is my entry to the Marvelous Designer & Crytek contest.

There was no specific concept for this one, so I collected a bunch of references, and mixed all together.

All clothing was made in Marvelous, with no sculpting on it. As the contest didn’t allow me to sculpt on top of the garment, it was a new challenge for me to have more details directly in Marvelous. But it was great, because I could discover new things, like stitches!!!

Everything else was sculpted in ZB. Textured in Substance Painter. Texturing XYZ for head details. Environment made using Megascans. Hair done with XGen. Rendered using V-Ray.

I had a lot of fun doing this one.

There is a turntable on my artstation too, so if you can, please take a look.


I hope you like it.

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