[FEATURE or BUG?] Very soft polygroup masks!

Hello @Spyndel !

Thank you for answering!

I am aware of all the things you mentioned, I have been doing them for years now and its true, they become second nature after a while hahaha

I’m trying hard to figure this out because this thing is able to do what I do in 15-30 seconds with only 1 click. Because of the workflow on my current project, knowing how to pull off this would save me a great deal of time.

I’m attaching some images so you can see the specific last scenario I encountered it.
I know it isn’t Ctrl-click-drag because only the very specific polygroup has been affected, while if it was click-drag, only the bottom or the top would be affected.

This is just the model without any masks:

Then this is what happens when I just ctrl+click thus selecting the polygroup and getting the sharp mask:

But then, this is the result that I got after doing that unknown action (Again, I’m not 100% sure what I do to make it happen because I’m working pretty fast), just 1 undo history slot, which means not subd movement of any kind, not repeating any action like blurring the current sharp mask either, so this must be a 1 action hotkey/click combination (or bug).

Again, notice how only the neck polygroup has been affected and how much blur there is on the mask!

Again, thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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