Dryad – Sculpture for ZBrush course on 3D printed figurines on Artstation


This is a figurine sculpture I put together for a course just released on Artstation.


I drew this concept months ago, but at the time, I really struggled with how to see it through with what I had envisioned. So I sat on it.

I’m so glad I did, as when the opportunity came up to participate in Artstation’s tutorial contest, I knew this was the right idea to make real! It’s amazing how things work out like that sometimes. :slight_smile:

If you ever wanted to try sculpting for 3D Printing but are not sure where to start, I really hope my course helps you out. It was so hard getting started learning how to do this on my own, I am really grateful to share what I’ve learned so far. :slight_smile:

You can find it here on Artstation if you are interested. Thank you!


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