Crashing when scrolling through subtools too quickly


Just to post in solidarity, I have a similar issue; At random intervals grabbing the slider on the Subtool palette, to scroll to a Subtool, causes Zbrush to instantly fail; it doesn’t freeze or lock, just goes straight to desktop. This also occurs, at random, when I select a subtool either by clicking it in the subtool palette or by ALT + Right Clicking a subtool that is visible on the canvas. A similar crash occurs, at random, when using the ‘See-through’ slider to view reference open beneath the Zbrush window. It happens at random, it happens to projects with huge numbers of highly detailed subtools and projects with only a few low res subtools, in other words, all projects but not all of the time. I don’t run Display Fusion but I do run a dual monitor system which is managed by NVidia software rather than windows because the colour calibration is so much more refined, I shall see if GeForce Experience is having an effect on the issue. Its sounds like a graphical issue more than anything else, hoping it is something that can be switched off, it’ll be a problem if it’s related to my Huion tablet-monitor.


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