Covid-19 Graffiti Street art

Hey guys, this is Comic-Graffiti style few hour ZBrush sketch that I did to raise awareness of the Covid-19 virus and as a tribute to my school.

Zbrush used for sculpting and photoshop used for comp.

Background Information on my #Covid Apocalypse 3D character

This character is an original piece of artwork that gives insight to the future or new norm post Covid-19.

No one expected this pandemic which came upon us so silently, but was violent enough to disrupt the entire world.

This was a battle AGAINST an UNSEEN WAR.
Thus, NO ONE knows what the future holds!!!

The character has COVID virus growing out of his head to symbolize the mental and emotional turmoil he has gone through during this pandemic. By the COVID virus growing out of his head, it also symbolizes the length of this pandemic and the character has become a living embodiment of the virus.

the futuristic mask shows us that the COVID virus was not defeated and people had to work around this by creating an oxygen mask to breathe in clean air. The mask has been permanently embedded on his face and has become part of him to ensure it does not fall off.

The physical signs of scarring on his face shows us how long he has worn the mask and the effects it has had on him.

The tattoo’s on his body represent words of encouragement and hope to help him remember the hard times he has gone through and to remain hopeful of a brighter future.

The words of the tattoo on his arm indicates how he is dependent on other people to survive. Everyone needs to wear a mask to keep OTHERS and THEMSELVES safe from contracting the virus.

Hope you enjoy, and stay safe!

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