ZBrush 2020 in Action – Pixologic Developer Joseph Drust

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Joseph goes through some of the amazing new features in ZBrush 2020! Be sure to head on over to the ZBrush features page to learn more about ZBrush 2020!

ZBrush 2020 in Action – Developer Joseph Drust – Episode 3


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  • Pixologic ZBrush
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  • Ewoud Bakker Stuffs
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    You should get another mic that does not brush against you the crackling is really interrupting and distracting my focus

  • Jay Peace
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    You guys are awesome! Big fan! Gluck with everything!

  • ApPortion
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    Is this what Tony Stark is doing after Endgame!… Nice!

    Really helpful video tho.

  • glenfoxh
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    I have three requests. Three functions I feel could be added or improved on.

    One: Add something like the silhouette window, but giving the option of viewing the model at a 40 to 60 degree angle than what is shown on the canvas. This I feel would help greatly with anyone getting a better feel for how much of a build up one is creating as they draw. For years I have been wanting this, since I got ZBrush 4R6, and the silhouette window is the closest thing I have seen to it, but without the option of dynamically viewing the model from a different angle as you draw directly on top of the model in the canvas. I mean, if the Z setting is too strong, it is hard to tell that as you draw right on top of the model.

    I did see a plugin script that does something like the silhouette window, but like the silhouette window, it's not dynamic. You must press a button after you draw something to see the changes in the different view of the model shown off to the side. It's close, but I would like it to update in real time as you draw when viewing it at a different angle in another window.

    Two: I would like to have a dedicated key setup for re-meshing DynaMesh. Rather then having to hold down Ctrl and drag on an empty spot on the canvas wile Dynamesh is active. The persistent problem to that is, if you are zoomed in on the model and the canvas is filled, and ya don't have an open spot on the canvas to do that in. One has to zoom out first to find an empty spot to re-mesh DynaMesh, then zoom back into where you was working after. A single key press would be faster and much easier, than having to find an empty spot to Crrl drag in.

    Three: Scuptris Pro in ZBrush is fantastic! It is one of the best options added to date. But it has one real big and very confusing flaw the original dedicated Scuptris program does not have as an issue. Scuptris Pro in ZBrush does not respect Symmetry. If for example, X Symmetry is on, and you start off with a symmetrical tool (3D object), and you activate Scuptris Pro and draw with it, it destroys your symmetry as you draw. This I found out when using it, and it was very confusing to me to see. Dynamesh, ZRemesher, Dynamic Subdivide, and Subdivide, all respects X Symmetry when it is on. And the Scuptris program itself respects X Symmetry when it is on within Scuptris. So, The simple fact that Scuptris Pro destroys symmetry when used, is the one reason I never use it, despite being very excited and happy to see it added when it was. That excitement was killed however, the moment I started using it with symmetry on, and I saw symmetry had no effect over what Scuptris Pro did, unlike in the original Scuptris.

    Makes me wish the original Scuptris was directly added within ZBrush, instead of this newer Scuptris Pro, witch I don't feel is as Pro as the original Scuptris. Sure, one can GoZ link Scuptris to ZBrush, but it's not the same as using it directly within the ZBrush canvas.

    Please fix Scuptris Pro, so it works with Symmetry on.

    I will turn to using that, rather than DynaMesh after, for some builds. Though DynaMesh is still useful for merging objects and/or faces, for like the the original Scuptris, Scuptris Pro does not seem to merge faces like Dynamesh does after a DynaMesh re-meshing. Live Boolean works better in some cases, without re-meshing an entire object.

    If someone from the ZBrush team did read this, thank you for your time. And thank you all for this wonderful and powerful program that ZBrush is. As good as it was, It's always getting better all the time. ^.^

  • B Z
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  • Никита Кравченко
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  • Chris G
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    Blender has a fabric brush!
    Zbrush needs one!


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