Switching Industries to work as 3D Artist – Tim Zarki – Art Cafe #128

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Tim Zarki is a 3D Artist at Oculus with a degree in industrial design earned at DAAP.


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  • Siniša Lazić
    Trả lời

    Bring Shaddy again!

  • ludovico totire
    Trả lời

    windows ink si EVIL

  • Klymahnn
    Trả lời

    23:10 It's reassuring hearing him say that, I feel like there's MUCH MUCH less industrial (and automotive or UI/UX) design courses/videos online than let's say, concept art or animation.

  • Siddhant Bal
    Trả lời

    Real good podcast, for its the first time we get to "hear" that Maciej has a family😂
    And obviously, Tim Zarki was here😁

  • Mino
    Trả lời

    i love it when macie relate some topic with previous podcast

  • Max C. Klein
    Trả lời

    Only just found out that you have a podcast. Your work is incredibly inspiring.

  • Paul Hoi
    Trả lời

    Surprised to hear of the issues with Blender that Maciej is having with MacOS — I use a Mac and it's by far the most stable 3D program I've come across. The shortcoming is the lack of GPU rendering options. But Octane X is on the way.

  • Pedro Ramos
    Trả lời

    The problem of the workforce transitioning to a work from home system and location not being a big deal any more is that many jobs will be outsourced to India because it's cheaper.
    I'm starting to look at our industry the same way I look at factory workers in the 80s and 90s who lost their jobs because factories moved to Asia to cut costs. We are digital proletarians.

  • Pedro Ramos
    Trả lời

    YES! Tim's work is so inspiring. Really happy you had him on the show, Maciej. Thanks!

  • dramares
    Trả lời

    Ah, The Reactionary Tone… Almost classic now… FOOD for the rebellious children of tomorrow…

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