Speed Sculpt – Female Character – Zbrush Armor

Creating Characters takes time.

A LOT of time.
This character was a lot of fun, but it definitely taught me some lessons, and showed me the importance of blocking out the main shapes first before sculpting.

I had to re-sculpt several elements: the dress, the hair, and even the character’s torso and hands because I made poor decisions with the basic blocking from the get-go.

In this time-lapse, you’ll see my process from beginning to end.

Mistakes and all.

Hopefully there is some knowledge to be gleaned from my experience.

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Happy Sculpting!

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Lower thirds animation courtesy of: Videvo.com

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  • Eyan Howlader

    16 Tháng Sáu, 2020 - 5:52 sáng

    This is amazing man! Loved the way you repositioned the fingers at 5:57 for posing.

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