(En/Jp) ZBrush課程Lesson How to make insert mesh.

(En/Jp) ZBrush課程Lesson How to make insert mesh.

(1). Any mesh can be insert mesh
1. Draw any kind of mesh.
2. Decide Orientation first of all!
This is important. Why?
Let’s assume like this.
Method “create insert mesh” is a way to ask ZBrush to do two steps.
First, ask ZBrush to take a picture of mesh because I want to draw insert mesh.
OK, do you pose. 1,2,3…click.
Then that picture will be passed to Brush department. Brush department will register new brush as insert mesh.
When you draw line, Brush wokr to put that mesh on line. Draw line direction and mesh direction is same. Starting is mesh top and ending is mesh bottom.
Likewise, if you turn 90 degree mesh and did insert mesh creation, you can draw 90 degree turn insert mesh.

3. Prepare another mesh you want to draw, eg., head.
(This must be done with Edit and Make Polymesh3D. Otherwise you can not drawa insert mesh o it.)
(2) How to make your own insert mesh.
Today I demonstrate three kinds.
1. Just simple mesh.
2. Separated three polygroup
3. Separated three polygroup and open top and bottom.

There are good and bad things.
No1 and 2 are both easy.
When you draw with Curve mode, then if you put enough curve resolution, you get smooth drawing. BUT that mesh points are not completely welded. Separate. Because ZBrush worked just to “insert” mesh on curve lines. Even stretching or overlaping, these are not welded.
Solution for these are to do WELD POINTS.
Then what is No.3?
ZBrush work automatically to combined top edge and bottom edge if it is open.
That’s why no need to do weld as above.
However you may easily imagine top edge shape and bottom edge shape must be perfectly same to connect. Otherwise you could not get seamless smooth line.

(1) どんなメッシュでもインサートメッシュになります。
1. なにかメッシュをかいてみましょう。
2. そして重要なのが、登録するメッシュの方向なので、方向を決めてください。なぜ重要なのかをたとえで説明します。
3.次に対象となるメッシュを用意してください。例えば頭部。(初心者への注意として、このメッシュはEditしてMake polymesh3Dをしてください。そうしないと描くことはできません。)


上の1と2は簡単です。カーブモードで書く時、十分なカーブレゾリューションがあればスムーズなインサートメッシュラインを得ることができます。しかし、メッシュのポイントはくっついていません。離れています。なぜならばZBrushはただカーブラインにそってメッシュをインサートしただけだからです。ストレッチやオーバーラップしてもくっついてはいません。解決法はWELD POINTSを行うことです。

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