Creature & Character Concept Sculpting – Ashley A. Adams "A_Cubed" – ZBrush 2021

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  • Dragonflameace
    Trả lời

    Have you considered making your own music, as well as sculpting with Zbrush? I suggest you start with FLStudio.

  • naumchomsky
    Trả lời

    Loved watching this! Everything you said about the industry and also your rough initial workflow is incredibly helpful. However, my only complaint is that your voice volume is very low. Perhaps a mic closer to you face would halp meee! My volume is MAXED in my headphones but I'm still getting distracted by outside noise because the stream was very low volume. When I play Spotify at a measly 20% volume you still do not exist lol.

  • Julio Salvat
    Trả lời

    all from a sphere and some! so dope!

  • Julio Salvat
    Trả lời


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