Silver Surfer portfolio piece

Hi guys! i leave you SILVER SURFER! a new portfolio piece that i did. Hope you like it!!! 12560×2560 1.5 MB 22560×2560 1.66 MB 32560×2560 1.79 MB 42560×2560 1.68 MB 52560×2560 1.73 MB Source link

Tâm Sự Của Tui 01 – Cách tự học 3D

[email-subscribers-form id=”1″] Hôm nay Tâm Sự Của Tui sẽ nói về cách tự học 3D. Vì đây là số đầu tiên của mình nên mong mọi người có góp ý gì hay cần mình chia sẻ về vấn đề gì thì comment cho mình biết nha. I Need to Start Writing Things Down của Chris […]

CREUZA (Real Time Character)

Hello Guys! This is my new personal project. A fanart based on C.R.E.U.Z.A, a character from a Brazilian podcast called Matando Robôs Gigantes (Killing Giant Robots) I did this to study more PBR / Real Time workflow, and to prestige one of my favorite podcasts! Render Final2560×1440 139 KB 0012560×1440 169 KB 0022560×1440 152 KB […]

Need help buying a new powerful PC system for z brush heavy modeling

I won’t recommend any specific hardware beyond what is suggested on the system specs page. Simply meeting the recommended specs will allow you to engage in plenty of “heavy modeling” with tens of millions of polygons, as ZBrush performs well even on fairly modest hardware. Greater amounts of RAM, preferably coupled with workstation grade components […]

African Cape Buffalo

Another study, this time a herbivore. ZBrush Document1576×862 251 KB ZBrush Documnment1769×862 274 KB AC_Buffalo3248×2311 566 KB Source link