ZBrush making seamless cuts in your model for 3D Print

[email-subscribers-form id=”1″] This video shows how to use the Slice Curve tool, Insert Mesh, Auto Groups, Sub Tools and Remesh By Union to create seamless joins for 3D Print. Download the free key brush here: https://gum.co/imEdL source Bài viết liên quan:Maya bodybuilder CHARACTER MODELING tutorialZBrush – Stylized HairImported meshes Scaling DifferenceDrawing curved straight lineMove start […]


[email-subscribers-form id=”1″] #VNA_REVIEW UNBOX & HƯỚNG DẪN SỬ DỤNG WACOM BAMBOO FOLIO CHO NGƯỜI MỚI BẮT ĐẦU Bảng vẽ Wacom Bamboo Folio là thiết bị thông minh, giúp cho việc viết ghi chú, lên ý tưởng của bạn trở nên thuận tiện và thú vị hơn bao giờ hết. Bamboo Folio chuyển đổi chữ viết […]

Quick Tip ZBrush Tutorial: Merge Subtools without Dynamesh

[email-subscribers-form id=”1″] Quick tip tutorial on how to use Insert (Multimesh) Brush to merge 2 subtools together, without using Dynamesh in Pixologic ZBrush. — Udemy content: https://goo.gl/rYjLWJ Gumroad content: https://gumroad.com/3dalex Tip jar: https://goo.gl/NRgIhc Become a patron: http://www.patreon.com/3dtutsam Twitter: https://twitter.com/3dtutsam Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aleks3DArt/ source Bài viết liên quan:#AskZBrush: “How can I load reference images into…Tutorial: How to […]

Mengukir 3D Ornamen Indonesia – (episode 2) – Tutorial ZBrush, Adobe Illustrator, Keyshot #3

[email-subscribers-form id=”1″] EPISODE 2 – Mengukir dengan ShadowBox ZBrush (3rd of 5 videos in the series) Hey there Indonesian content creators ! Tutorial ini membahas tentang cara membuat ukiran khas Indonesia secara digital 3D. Seluruh proses pembuatannya merupakan adaptasi dari teknik mengukir secara tradisional dengan menggunakan pahat dan kayu sebagai material utama. Selamat Belajar Sob […]

Scroll Ring in ZBrush Demo

[email-subscribers-form id=”1″] I have an updated version of this video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk_0K0inpkw This tutorial shows a technique for creating a scroll ring in ZBrush. One thing to note…this design is not ideal for actual casting…when the design protrudes a little more, it works better. source Bài viết liên quan:Học Photoshop – Thiết kế khung phim […]

How to Render in Zbrush and Composite in Photoshop

[email-subscribers-form id=”1″] For the full premium course, please visit https://victory3d.com source Bài viết liên quan:ZBrush Guides: Everyday Objects for an Environment -…♛ Brass material trong corona render – Bài 22:3D Scan to Unreal Engine series | Episode 26 | R3DS…Học 3DsMax bài bản,khoa học: Bài 5.3: Thực hành…Creature & Character Concept Sculpting – Ashley…Mech- ZbrushZBrush […]

Zbrush for beginners – Sculpting a skull

[email-subscribers-form id=”1″] Subscribe for more content ! Follow – https://www.instagram.com/cezar.brandao source Bài viết liên quan:ZBrush and Chill EP 4: Sculpting Disney's…Kid Buu SkullCreature & Character Concept Sculpting – Ashley…Lion-Arts: Sculpting & 3D Printing Iconic…LEARN ZBRUSH IN 12 MINUTES FOR BEGINNERS (PANDA…ZBrush Guides: 3D Model a Creature Skull #withme! -…ZBrush Sculpting | zbrush Robot tutorial | […]

Zbrush Tutorial 7 Masking and Pump / Luxury Texture

[email-subscribers-form id=”1″] Zbrush Tutorial 7 Masking and Pump / Luxury Texture source Bài viết liên quan:How Mask only two poligons?Một tutorial khá đầy đủ về Texture dành cho Motion GraphicsSneak Peek: ZBrush 2021Zbrush tutorial – Preparing a mesh for render to textureQuick Tip Tutorial: How to use Alpha for sculpting…How to Make Furniture with Marvelous […]